Aircraft seats after Corona … greater social spacing and privacy


Source: Dubai: Mr. Mohammed

With a state of complete paralysis that hits not only the surface of the planet but also its sky due to the emerging corona virus, amid a near-total halt to global air traffic, companies are beginning to lay out plans for the future of post-corona flight based on the basis of social divergence.

New aircraft seat design
New aircraft seat design

The Italian company Aviatorz has presented a new design for aircraft seats, which would allow safe travel in economic classes by plane, which is widely believed to be one of the main reasons for the spread of the epidemic around the world with the lack of sufficient safety distance between the passengers to prevent cross-infection between them, and also provide privacy Larger for passengers.

The new designs that the Italian company is working on developing include placing barriers between passengers in each seat that would allow an area of ​​spacing that cannot transmit infection between passengers, according to the British newspaper “The Sun”.

Airplane seats
Airplane seats

In the new economy-class design, the middle seats of the plane were divided to separate from each other and in the opposite direction of the aisle seats, ensuring sufficient spaces between the passengers that would eventually allow safe travel without the need to reduce the passenger density in the plane as a precaution to prevent the spread of infection.

The new barriers to be designed will be transparent to allow safe social communication for passengers without any convergence or contact that could spread the infection.

The Italian company previously designed the stool seats for the flight attendants’ crews.

At a time when the Italian company said that it is ready to manufacture the new seats, the application of this mechanism in the aircraft will not be done quickly, pending the passing of the security and safety procedures followed in the global aviation industry.


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