Ain Al Tineh continues to send incentive signals to the government (Republic)


I learned The Republic In this period, Ein El-Tineh continues to send incentive signals to the government to initiate urgent reform steps.

According to the atmosphere of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, it is imperative for the government to initiate treatments in vital sectors, and immediate reform measures for the electricity sector, in a clean, clear and fast manner, and any matter outside of going immediately to these reform steps is like playing outside the real stadium, and confirms that we We are still standing here and not taking a step forward.This atmosphere indicates that the priority emphasized by the President of the Council is to formulate a rescue plan that an economic recovery can achieve, especially that the horizon is not completely blocked, and that the opportunity is still available now for the government to plan to revive the economy, and reflects the atmosphere in appreciation of the effort made by the Prime Minister, with Emphasizing that the government and its president must be assisted by all political forces, to enable the government to achieve this recovery, but at the same time it notes that the meetings are important and beneficial, but the most important are the concrete results and reform steps.


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