AIDS discoverer promises good news after two weeks on Corona


“There are two types of immunity: the first that we think of is very true immunity, and it produces natural antibodies that attack stem cells and certain proteins with the virus, and this is the type of vaccine we are waiting for,” said Dr. Robert Gallo, discoverer of AIDS.

In an interview on the MTV channel, Gallo added: “There is a second immunity of another type inherited by the body from the types of primitive life that do not have an immune system and development like lymphs, and depend only on strong and rapid response and consist of what we call cytokines.”

He pointed out that “this immunity can stop the RNA viruses, which are stronger and faster than natural antibiotics in the body, and even faster than the vaccines that were used until now against influenza.”

Gallo announced that “clinical trials will start in Baltimore as soon as possible.” He said: “All of the people I spoke with in government departments were optimistic, and they wanted to move forward and I think we will achieve quick results, and I hope that in the next two weeks I will lie with good news.” .


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