Agency: the European Central demands stimulus financial measures of 1.5 trillion euros


direct: A report stated that the European Central Bank informed the eurozone finance ministers that the bloc needed massive financial measures to confront the economic damage caused by the Corona crisis.

Reuters quoted relevant officials today, Wednesday, as saying that the European Central informed the eurozone finance ministers that the European Union may need financial measures amounting to 1.5 trillion euros (1.6 trillion dollars) this year to tackle the economic crisis caused by the epidemic -19 “.

Officials said in a video conference that the European Commission estimated that the bloc economy could shrink by 10 percent this year, but ministers remained divided over how to boost the economy. And they failed to agree After 16 hours of talks on a joint plan, the talks are to resume tomorrow.

The officials who participated in the meeting added that Germany, the Netherlands and other northern European countries are ready to support the European Union’s actions worth 500 billion euros.

But France, Italy and Spain said that European efforts to tackle the crisis should exceed much trillion euros this year, in line with the European Central Bank’s estimates of financing needs from 1 to 1.5 trillion euros.


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