Agency: Abu Dhabi Commercial uses “Lazard” in the “NMC” crisis


Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: Bloomberg Agency said today, Wednesday, that the Commercial Bank of Abu Dhabi used the company “Lazard” International, in order to provide consultations related to the funds provided to the companies “NMC Health” for medical services and “Venpler”, in light of the escalation of financial problems in them.

Sources told the agency that Lazard will assist Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in recovering some of the money it gave to troubled hospital operator NMC and the financial services company.

She said yesterday that Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is one of the largest lenders for the medical company “NMC”, amounting to one billion dollars, equivalent to 3.67 billion dirhams. And revealed, “NMC” earlier about debts amounted to about 6.6 billion dollars.

And last month, NMC Health said it was It has committed debts exceeding $ 2.7 billion, A debt not previously disclosed to the Board of Directors.

NMC Healthcare is UAE-based and listed on the London market since 2012, and NMC Healthcare operates in 19 countries, including Saudi Arabia.


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