After the legislative session, this is what President Diab revealed


Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced that a high-level political attack was expected, but he hoped this would not affect social and food security.

He pointed out in a statement after the end of the legislative session at the UNESCO Palace, that 450 billion dollars had been approved for the health sector, and that it helps hospitals to some extent in carrying out their duties, especially since some private hospitals started a while ago to treat Corona patients. As for the 1200 billion, which means the Lebanese citizen, it was postponed and the quorum was blown, which is a loan in Lebanese pounds in the form of bonds.

Diab pointed out that “the circular of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, the recent Banque du Liban, is not coordinated with the government and we have no knowledge of it.

He believed that “there must be better coordination between the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon and the government, explaining that the announcement of the economic plan was delayed until next week because of the legislative session.”

He added: I will have a speech on Friday after the cabinet session on the issue of the dollar exchange rate, and there will be a hardline stance by the government regarding this issue and the funds of depositors.

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