After meeting a doctor who was infected with “Corona” .. Putin gives up handshakes and works remotely!


The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has changed the way of handover, is refraining from shaking hands, and is practicing telecommuting as much as possible.This came in response to a reporter’s question about whether Putin and all who visited with him a week ago the “Komunarka” hospital for the treatment of “Corona” patients in the capital, Moscow, will be subject to self-isolation, after it was later revealed that the chief doctor of this hospital, Dennis Protinsko, was wounded. With the virus.

“Of course, we take precautions, avoid meetings and try to work as far away as possible,” Peskov said. “And I tell you on behalf of the president: You see that he also seeks these days to do everything remotely.”

Peskov acknowledged that the rule for conducting a “corona” revelation test for all of Mr Putin’s meeting was not adhered to during his hospital visit, and he said: “We do not know whether Dr. Protenko was examined (before that), because he was not already aware of the president’s visit.” Wishing the doctor a speedy recovery.

Interfax – Russia today


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