After Ibn Salman likened the “god” .. Nasser Al-Qasabi mocks the dissolution of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice


The Saudi actor was exposed To a barb of criticism for his mockery of “In the second episode of his series “Director 7”.

Al-Qasabi appeared in the video that was monitored by “Watan”, while he was talking to another person in an ironic manner about an unnamed group. He said: “Those of you who were the first, and they no longer exist.”

That sentence was interpreted by the tweeters as a mockery and a derogation from the religious authority that King Salman replaced with the General Authority of Entertainment.

Mughrad saw in the name of “Hmmm” that Al-Qasabi repeated himself with mockery of religion every time. Did they not know that God knows the betrayal of the eyes and what the breasts hide? Woe to those whose righteous and righteous opponents were on Judgment Day.

Singer Fahd Abdullah blamed the Ministry of Information, which allows al-Qasabi to repeat his mockery of the clerics in the commission, and wrote: “The glut over the Minister of Information is a rule that allows these projections yesterday. He was shot in his play and today he is satisfied with his series.

Muhammad Al-Dahman explained Al-Qasbi’s continuous mockery of the men of the body, that he is related to a situation, and wrote: “The most representative who detracts from the body and attacks it for a long time !! I think that he fell in their hands and did not forget some of them are excesses and errors Yes, but this does not mean that you detract from the device as a whole! I wish that he knows that the police are now worse than the commission in the cases that the body was dealing with.

One of the tweeters wished that the religious police would return to practice their work in light of the openness witnessed by the kingdom. He wrote: “Let them accuse their Prophet of circling in the mixed streets and cafes.”

Another tweet agreed with him in the name of “We are all responsible” and said: “By God, whoever is absent from the commission is the country’s corruption, with mixing, parties and music.”

And Abdulaziz Al-Omari noted another fall that Al-Qasabi signed when he mocked the Southern Man, commenting: “Al-Qasabi is still in Exit # 7.

The southern man offers two faces, the Nisab, with the role of al-Shamrani and the role of the stupid fool of Hamidi! Tonight, he did not stop there, but he fell on the body in a cheap way and also showed that the girl Perverted when he made her receive the Saudi young man (Delivery), and he flirted with it as if it was normal.

Mughrad, on behalf of Awad, published a picture of Al-Qasabi while performing the role of a woman, and mocked: “The only time that Nasser Al-Qasabi did not speak about Mutawaa’ was with this scene. ”

And singing in the name of Abdullah, Mourad, that the technical bankruptcy that Al-Qasabi reached, causes him to attack the clerics. Abdullah said: “Nasser Al-Qasabi, if he goes bankrupt, rises to the authority and the clergy ..

Activist Khalid agreed, who published a video of a poet criticizing Gulf representatives, and commented on the clip, saying: “Technical bankruptcy appears in MBC, but Nasser Al-Qasabi is not surprised by him opposing everything that represents religion.”

Activist Nayef Al-Otaibi wrote: “Naser Al-Qasabi is an expendable consumer. It is impossible to settle a series and what is lying on compliance and the body. He has something new to offer, his fall and his failure increase every year ..!”

It is noteworthy that the series “Director 7” revolves around the personality of Dokhi (Nasser Al-Qasabi), a father, and a middle-class government employee, who spends his time working on receiving customer complaints in a government institution, and between his home and family.

The work highlights the transformations that Saudi society has witnessed in recent years, and its repercussions on social and family relations in general, and the challenges that this brings to the Dokhi family in particular, in parallel with the problems he faces in his work from customer complaints and his manager’s strict orders, and the extent of his ability to keep pace with technology.

Saudis had demanded the return of the Commission to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice after Ibn Salman suspended her work and the kingdom turned into a public square for lawlessness and moral decay.

The tagline that came under the heading “#He_Haheya_Motal_waman_to society” included hundreds of tweets that criticized Ibn Salman and his regime, where activists affirmed that the absence of the commission is the reason for the emergence of scenes of decay and corruption in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia is witnessing a recent intense artistic activity by bringing in male and female singers from outside the Kingdom, after the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman established the “Entertainment Authority”, and reduced the powers of the Commission to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice, last year, and lift restrictions on holding parties.

And after “dancing in public” and “embracing the street” and mixing, things are reprehensible and unfamiliar in Saudi Arabia and they might be sent to their actors in prison or exposed to the skin, things are permitted and required after the rapid changes led by young people in compliance with the policy of Ibn Salman and his new vision to break the restrictions and beliefs he prepares Most of the Saudi people are red streaks.


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