After her crisis with her husband, “Corona” increases the burdens of psychological tunes


The Egyptian artist does not live in the melody of only one tragedy in light of the spread of the Corona crisis in Egypt, and the officials taking precautionary measures to prevent Corona, but her tragedy has become doubled after she asked for divorce from her husband, the music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim.With the imposition of a two-week curfew and the call for a home stone for citizens to stay in their homes to face Corona, there was a direct impact on Angham.

The magazine “Fuchsia” quoted a source close to Angham as saying that she entered a bad psychological state after the crisis that occurred with her husband, as she did not expect that matters between them would reach this state. The source added that Angham lives in her single villa, especially that her crisis with her husband was her son “Omar”.

The source pointed out that Omar did not return to live with her until after the separation was completely ended, indicating that the house stone made the tunes overcome this unit, and she is staying in her office continuously to indulge in work.

He pointed out that Angham takes advantage of this period by working on her new album, in which she cooperates with a number of poets and composers from Egypt and abroad, because the album is Gulf, indicating that the sessions that take place will be “online” as she hopes to finish selecting all the songs to record the album with the beginning of the return Life back to normal.

The source confirmed that her crisis with her husband, Ahmed Ibrahim, will end without courts after mediators intervene to end the divorce between them in an amicable manner, but it has not been formally signed yet, pointing out that these matters will become clear in the coming days in light of the parties ’desire not to resort to the courts.

The music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim had recently tried to find out the heart of Angham, so he published a picture accepting the head of his wife and commented: “Your right is up to me, I, six sixty, remain black and dogs are dogs.”

Angham was officially associated with Ahmed, without announcing on New Year’s Eve 2019, and they traveled together to Paris on January 19, 2019.

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