After controlling Corona, German “Daimler” sets the date for the return of production


German car maker Daimler will resume work at its factories on Monday, after a week-long pause due to the Corona pandemic crisis.

The company and the workers council indicated that the work will be resumed under comprehensive measures of hygiene, in one session in some factories, and in others with 3 sessions.

It is reported that Daimler suspended a large part of its production last March and referred tens of thousands of its employees in Germany to a part-time work system from the sixth of April until the end of this month.

The current Corona crisis caused a significant decline in Daimler’s sales, as its sales in the first quarter of this year amounted to 477,400 cars worldwide, a decrease of 15% compared to the same quarter last year.

The German government has defended the currently limited relaxation of restrictions on public life to combat the Corona pandemic.

On Friday, German government spokesman Stephen Seibert said in Berlin that the restrictions imposed on public life in the past weeks had enabled small cautious steps towards reopening.

He added: “We are not currently standing on solid ground,” adding that there are no guarantees for the continued moderation of the injury curve, indicating that the mitigation steps will be reviewed every 14 days.

On Friday, German Health Minister Jens Young announced his country’s success in controlling the spread of the Corona virus.

Young men said: “The new Corona epidemic is under control and can be managed” in Germany.

Germany recorded a slight decrease in infection rates of the emerging corona virus, according to data of the “Robert Koch” German Institute for Research and Analysis.

“We can now say that it succeeded, we succeeded in moving from a dynamic increase to a stable increase, and the infection rates decreased dramatically,” said youths.

The German minister said that Berlin has tested 1.7 million people so far.


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