After an army officer was wounded in Corona … the buzzing cell The Phalanges


After announcing that a coronary officer from the second land border regiment was infected with the Corona virus, Rachaya lived in a state of caution in light of the news reported by social media and the transfer of names of soldiers who were said to be serving in the piece of the injured officer, which caused a state of fear and anxiety.

The Central Crisis Cell clarified in response to the Corona crisis in Rachaya in a statement signed by the mayor of Rashaya Nabil Al-Masri that “after frequent information on social media about the possibility of some members of the military establishment from the children of Rashaya district with one of the officers infected with the epidemic of the new Corona virus. In the interest of health and safety the public.
And according to the directives of the Governor of the Bekaa, Judge Kamal Abu Joudeh, after contacting the competent official references in all its categories. In order to give an atmosphere of reassurance to the people of our region, the Crisis Cell in the Rachaya District is important to make clear that no one of the judiciary, especially some members of the military, has contacted anyone with the new epidemic of Corona virus, and therefore there is no suspect to date Note that the cell has taken this information most seriously and what has been done to verify its authenticity or lack thereof, and that informing the families of individuals whose names have been taken is cautious, especially in terms of voluntary home quarantine, and it is assumed that it will be followed by all citizens, it came as a precautionary measure in the interest of their health. And their safety.
Finally, the cell is important to stress once again on the children of the judiciary that it must adhere to the measures taken by the Council of Ministers, especially with regard to their stay in their homes and not to leave them except in cases of extreme necessity, and to move away from any gatherings that may lead to unbearable consequences.
The cell also matters to assure all members of the judiciary not to give any listening ears to frequent, unconfirmed and unsuccessful news from the competent authorities, in order not to cause confusion and the fear and tension it causes among the people.
Medical court of Rachaya
In turn, the medical court of Rachaya, and under the direction of the chief of medicine in the region, Dr. Samer Harb, contacted the families of the elements who serve in the regiment of the people of the region and stressed the need to adhere to their homes and take precaution and caution and inform the doctor about any matter that may occur.
Abu Mansour
As for the head of the Union of Municipalities of Jabal Al-Sheikh Saleh Abu Mansour, he stressed the importance of controlling social media in these difficult and accurate circumstances and not dealing with any matter related to the spread of the epidemic except from its sources, especially from the Ministry of Public Health and the relevant official authorities, considering that the leadership of the Lebanese army is keen to ensure Its members and the Directorate of Guidance are responsible for publishing any matter related to the affairs of the army, which we trust in its leadership and capabilities, calling on all people to be strict in the procedures for protection and prevention of disease and the syndrome of their homes and not mixing, especially in view of the rapid spread of the epidemic and the inaction of citizens two days ago coinciding with the arrest of Roa The staff repented, and Abu Mansour affirmed that the situation is very delicate and our duty is to raise the level of caution and awareness and act with great responsibility from all.



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