After almost a quarter of a century … the execution of the accused of the assassination of the founder of Bangladesh


Bangladeshi authorities have carried out the death sentence of a former army officer convicted of assassinating the country’s founder and independence leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, officials in Bangladesh said Saturday.

Mahboob Alam, the official in Dhaka Central Prison, said that the death sentence had been carried out against the retired officer, Abdul Majeed, 69, with the rank of captain, in the early hours of Saturday morning (1801 GMT).

This came less than a week after his arrest in the country’s capital.

The official at Dhaka Central Prison indicated that the death sentence was carried out by hanging against Abdul Majeed.

On Tuesday, Bangladeshi police arrested Abdul Majeed at a house in Mirpur district in Dhaka, where the former officer is facing a death sentence 21 years ago, against the background of his conviction for the assassination of the country’s founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1975.

Abdul Majeed has been on the run since a trial court convicted him in 1998 and 14 other people and sentenced them to death by firing squad for murder.

In 2009, the Supreme Court upheld the death penalty for 12 of them, while the other three were acquitted.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who led the independence war in Bangladesh in 1971, was assassinated with most of his family by a group of disaffected army officers, in a coup that overthrew the elected government.

The following governments did not prosecute the perpetrators, and a murder case was filed only after Sheikha Hasina Wajid, the elder daughter of Mujibur Rahman, became prime minister in 1996.

After Hasina took office for a second term, 5 convicts were executed in early 2010.

7 others went to live in exile in different countries.


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