After Al-Hamid’s death in Saudi prisons .. a warning about the risks to the life of the preacher, Safar Al-Hawali


The “Detainees of Conscience” account said that the Sheikh arrested in Saudi Arabia, Safar Al-Hawali, is living in health conditions that are not commensurate with his deteriorating health status. Al-Hawali is one of the most prominent preachers detained in the kingdom’s prisons since 2018, against the backdrop of his critical views on the policies of the ruling family.

The account that tracks the conditions of prisoners of conscience in the Kingdom – in a tweet to him – via Twitter, added that “there are new concerns about the Sheikh’s life, especially that he suffers from chronic diseases, except for his old age.”

The warning about Al-Hawali’s health comes a few days after the death of prominent Saudi human rights defender Abdullah Al-Hamid, as a result of medical neglect in his prison.

On July 12, 2018, the Saudi security authorities arrested Sheikh Qaid al-Hawali, Safar al-Hawali and his four sons, three days after leaking his book called “Muslims and Western Civilization” in its electronic version. The book included advice to scholars and the ruling family in the Kingdom, and criticized the bestowal of Riyadh for billions Dollars on the administration of US President Donald Trump.

Previous alert
And previously on behalf of the detainees of opinion, he warned of the deteriorating health of Sheikh Al-Hawali, indicating that the authorities did not observe his health condition, and he suffers from several diseases, most notably the kidney failure and fracture of the pelvis, adding that Al-Hawali is exposed to a medical negligence that is manifested in the denial of medication.

The Saudi authorities are imposing a blackout on the conditions of many of the detainees, while reports are leaking of the deteriorating health of many of them or their exposure to torture and ill-treatment.


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