Advantages for small business owners in Saudi Arabia


Source: Riyadh – SPA

The Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has provided a number of services on Mazaya platform aimed at reducing costs and financial burdens on SMEs, for the success and growth of these facilities and raising the quality of the services provided to them.

The platform provides advantages services supportive to small and medium enterprises characterized by diversity and at competitive prices and partially or totally supported, to facilitate the commitment of enterprises to the regulatory requirements, reduce operating costs on beneficiary enterprises, increase the efficiency of small and medium enterprises and improve their performance, in addition to facilitating the access of enterprises to private sector services through a platform Unified, as well as raising the quality of services provided to small and medium enterprises.

The authority stated that owners of small and medium enterprises can view and apply for services provided through the Mazaya platform, once the application for obtaining a specific feature is submitted through the system, an email will be sent to the beneficiary with the application number and additional requirements to complete it if any, and after completing the requirements the application will be considered and confirmed to conform to the criteria for obtaining the feature and will be answered by accepting or rejecting the request within 10 days Action.

It is noteworthy that Mazaya platform targets the sectors of education, manufacturing, real estate activities, agriculture, forestry and fishing, arts and entertainment and leisure, electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning, in addition to information and communications.


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