Actor Andrew Jack, one of the Star Wars heroes, dies from the Corona virus


Metro site announced the death of Andrew Jack, one of the stars of the movie Star Wars, due to the Corona virus, one of the most famous dialect trainers, in addition to his participation in acting in many films, including the new Bat Man movie and other works.

Andrew Jack’s death is not the first among artists due to Corona, as famous Japanese comedian Ken Shimura died tragically at the age of seventy after suffering complications. Corona VirusAlso, the American American world actor Mark Bloom died from the complications of coronavirus infection, the novel “Covid 19”, who also passed away at the age of 69, and Bloom was known for his participation in films such as “Desperately Seeking Susan” and “Crocodile Dundee”, in addition to Collection of Broadway plays, stage production and TV works.

News of Bloom’s death came after the announcement of the death of Broadway playwright Terence McNally, and Bloom had appeared “for the first time in Broadway, in 1977 in the movie“ The Merchant ”, and had appeared in works including“ Lost in Yonkers ”and“ The Best Man ” , While his last appearance was on 2013 at “The Assembled Parties”.

Mark Bloom remained an actor to the end, his last appearance outside Broadway on “Fern Hill” in September, and the report says that on the silver screen, he was known as “Crocodile Dundee”, “Desperately des Susan” and “Shattered Glass”, as it was A staple of television, including a recent role in “you” as the owner of Moody Library, he has also appeared in “Fraiser”, “Hulu’s”, Mozart in the Jungle and HBO’s “The Sopranos.”


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