Abu Dhabi Customs launches a training platform for employees using artificial-economic intelligence – the last deal


The General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs announced the launch of the “training” digital platform for the management of training and smart remote learning through virtual sessions and the use of artificial intelligence techniques, in the framework of the efforts of the government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi aimed at employing digital solutions to serve the community and upgrade the government work system.

The launch of the “Training” platform came within the framework of the digital transformation process in Abu Dhabi Customs by providing training services that contribute to developing the skills of remote management employees using a personal computer and a mobile phone at any time, through a package of interactive courses aimed at enhancing and raising the basic efficiency of employees Technical and professional.

Rashid Lahej Al Mansoori, Director General of Abu Dhabi Customs, said that the launch of the training platform “Tadreeb” comes in line with the Digital Month initiative to provide innovative training solutions to develop the capabilities and skills of employees and adapt to the rapid changes taking place in the customs sector worldwide in order to achieve efficient performance through plans A sophisticated training that meets the actual needs of the employee and follows the latest methods, which reflects positively on the performance of different sectors.

Al Mansouri stated that “Training” is an advanced digital platform that serves Abu Dhabi Customs employees, develops their specialized skills, and provides them with innovative general and specialized training programs and courses that take into account their needs, enhance their capabilities, and enable them to keep pace with the development of the customs field worldwide.

Al Mansoori added that the launch of the “Training” platform came in line with the Abu Dhabi government’s directions towards investing in artificial intelligence and enhancing the skills and capabilities of Abu Dhabi Customs employees and ensuring continuous learning and providing the best and latest types of training to them by investing in modern technology to ensure that they get reliable online quality training at any time and from any A place in the world.

In the same context – the General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs signed a cooperation agreement with the World Customs Organization with the aim of uploading its electronic training content “CLIKC” to the digital “training” platform in order to ensure that the employees of the administration receive the highest levels of global training in the customs field.

For his part, Salem Mubarak Al Mazrouei, Head of Training and Performance Management Department at Abu Dhabi Customs, said that the launch of the digital platform “Training” comes in exceptional circumstances the world is going through as a result of the spread of the new Corona virus “Covid-19”, which would contribute to providing the finest digital training services And the variety of employees to maintain their safety and health.

Al Mazrouei added that the “training” digital platform uses artificial intelligence techniques to create a staff learning and training ladder in addition to its ability to communicate with employees remotely through the virtual session feature that allows the coach to contact employees, guide them and train them remotely.



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