Abed Fahd shares a picture of his late father .. The audience is shocked by the similarities between him and Kazem El-Saher!


Syrian actor Abed Fahd shared a video clip containing a picture of his late father, along with an audio clip that sings “Ya Mahala Al Fasha” from 1960.

Abed enclosed the video with a commentary: “We missed you, Papa, we missed your beautiful warm voice, which gave us a lifetime. God gave him a kingdom in his youth 1960, and his famous song, O Mahalla Al Fasaha”.

The pioneers of the social media expressed their admiration for the late voice and talent, while the majority were shocked by the similarities between the late and the Iraqi artist Kazem El-Saher in his early years.

On the other hand, the Syrian actor participates alongside the Lebanese actress “Stephanie Saliba” in a series called “The Magician”, and this is the second championship for the duo after their series that presented the previous Ramadan season, which was titled “a minute of silence” and achieved great success and high interaction among the leaders of the social Media.

It will also show him the series “Hoss” starring the Lebanese artist “Heba Touji, and it will most likely be shown before the Ramadan season 2020, and the song for the series was released by the singing of Heba and it was titled” Moment Ya Reet “.

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