Abed Fahd remembers his late father with a picture of his youth


Remember the Syrian actorAbed FahdHis late father, the Syrian artistGeorge Fahd, Expressing his profound eagerness for him and his tarab sound, as he posted on his personal page on a social networking site an audio clip of his father as he performed his famous song “Ya Mahala Al-Fasaha”, and attached it with a picture of him.
He commented by saying: “Papa missed you … we missed your beautiful, warm voice, which gave us all life … and blaspheme it with the kingdom.” He stated that the picture of the late days of his youth in 1960.
It is noteworthy that the actor Abed Fahd is currently in Beirut, where he was forced to stay here away from his family after the border and airport were closed due to the preventive measures fromCorona Virus, Due to the fact that he was filming here his scenes in his new series “The Magician”, which is scheduled to be shown next Ramadan.


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