Abdullah Ramadan and Talal Fahd represent the UAE in the FIFA electronic – sports championship – Emirates stadiums


The Football Association nominated Abdullah Ramadan, the star of our national team and Al-Jazira Club, and Talal Fahd Abdul Rahman to participate in the electronic football championship «FIFA 20» organized and supervised by the International Football Association «FIFA» from 21 to 25 this month with the broad participation of various national federations.

The tournament is part of the FIFA initiative to tackle the new Corona virus, as the tournament prize will be allocated to a charity.

“We are always keen to participate and interact with the charitable initiatives proposed by the international and continental sport federations to confront the Corona virus and cooperate with them in this regard, especially for the great and direct impact of sport and football specifically on all members of society in different countries of the world,” said Mohamed Yen Hazam, Secretary-General of the Football Association.

The Secretary-General praised the steps and procedures that FIFA is taking to maintain the technical and administrative apparatus, players and fans, and its continuous contact with the member national federations to inform them of the latest developments and instructions related to football.



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