A year on the “flood of dignity” … a Libyan saga against terrorism


On this day, April 4 last year, the Libyan army launched the “Flood of Dignity” operation, to purify the capital, Tripoli and the western region, of terrorist militias, after it had ended the rule of law in the eastern and southern regions, in a long battle against terrorism.

A year on the “flood of dignity” … a Libyan saga against terrorism

A series of military victories against terrorism were achieved in Libya throughout the year, during which the Libyan National Army managed to eliminate many terrorist militia leaders, in addition to restricting the movement of these criminal organizations, destroying their infrastructure and draining their military capabilities, but the war is not over, The army continues to fight against terrorism.

“An alliance of evil” .. the most prominent Libyan militia against the “Flood of Dignity” operation

The armed forces were able, during the whole year, to exhaust the militia’s combat ability, whether land or sea, and they were able to eliminate the entire air force they had, which led them to seek the help of Turkish drones.


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