A woman with COVID-19 develops a rare condition in her brain, “provoking” a new warning of the seriousness of the disease


Persistent high fever and coughing are the main symptoms of the Coronavirus, however, scientists now warn that a fatal disease can lead to bothersome effects that include a “mental state” change.

Top experts say the virus can invade the brain directly in rare circumstances, causing inflammation.

Researchers at the Henry Ford Health System made this discovery while treating a 58-year-old woman, who was tested positive with Covid-19.

In addition to the symptoms of Covid-19 typical of coughing and high temperature, the unidentified patient began to feel confused and tired.

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25% of those with COVID-19 did not show any symptoms

Doctors decided to perform an MRI scan, which identified abnormal lesions in her brain. This confirms that women have experienced the development of acute necrotizing encephalitis (ANE), which is a central neurological infection.

ANE is a rare disease that causes brain damage (encephalopathy), usually followed by a viral infection. It was previously associated with infection, such as influenza, chickenpox and the enterovirus, but doctors now believe it can also be linked to the new coronavirus.

While this is believed to be one of the only cases of ANE associated with Covid-19, researchers have urged doctors to be aware of a possible link.

Dr. Elisa Fury, who participated in the study published in Radiology magazine, said: “The pattern of participation and the method of its rapid progression over days, is compatible with viral infections of the brain. This may indicate that the virus can invade the brain directly in rare circumstances. This is important For all service providers, who must be familiar with and search for in patients, who have a variable level of awareness. ”

Other scientists around the world have also revealed that a small subgroup of Covid-19 patients have serious brain disorders.

American doctors have reported a condition in which a patient infected with the Corona virus has been unable to speak.

In particular, in early March, doctors in Florida treated a man with a cough and fever, however, x-rays ruled out pneumonia and was sent home. Nevertheless, the next day, the patient’s fever increased, and upon his return to the hospital he was unable to tell the doctors his name or explain his condition and what he was suffering from.

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The patient, who was suffering from chronic lung disease and Parkinson’s disease, was throwing his arms and legs in convulsive movements, and appeared to be suffering from a seizure. Doctors suspected that he had Covid-19, and this was eventually confirmed when he was finally tested.

These reports follow similar observations by doctors in Italy and other parts of the world, for Covid-19 patients with strokes, seizures, and symptoms similar to encephalitis and blood clots, in addition to tingling or numbness in the extremities, called anesthesia.

In some cases, patients were suffering from delirium even before fever or respiratory disease, according to Dr. Alessandro Padovani, who revealed that patients with encephalopathy may appear dazed while exhibiting strange behavior or staring into space.

Neurologists also say it is too early to release specific data, or to determine the specific mechanisms by which the new corona virus affects the brain.

Source: The Sun


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