A video speeded up after her pursuit … Sama Al-Masry arrested


The Egyptian Public Prosecutor ordered the investigation of Samia Ahmed Attia, and her reputation was Sama Al-Masry, after the Investigation Unit of the Azbakeya Police Department arrested her on Friday morning, in implementation of the Public Prosecution order to seize her, and the Public Prosecution will announce the results of the investigations in a later statement.

The media, Reham Saeed, submitted a report yesterday to the Attorney General against Sama Al-Masry, accusing her of “insulting and slandering.”

In his communication to the Attorney General, Egyptian media lawyer Shaaban Said said: “My client and I have previously filed several communications against Sama Al-Masry after I insulted my client and reached the limit to publish the vice daily, without indifference to all state agencies. He loses hope for justice. ”

Reham Saeed’s lawyer posted on his Facebook account a video that commented on him as “the video that stirred stagnant water, and thanked the state apparatus for its response, led by the Egyptian Attorney General.”

Saeed’s lawyer demanded the prompt investigation of the communication and the referral of Al-Masry to urgent trials.

Today, Reham published a picture of Sama Al-Masry, with the news of her arrest, and commented, Thank God, that “the right if it is late will not be lost even after a while.”


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