A “tougher” stone … a country that separates its men from its women because of Corona


While most countries in the world adopt the same preventive precautions against the emerging corona virus, the authorities in Panama have embarked on new and unconventional action to combat the epidemic.

According to CNN, the Panama government has made a decision to separate men from women, and to ensure that they do not meet each other in public for a period of at least 15 days.

Panama imposes restrictions on movement and movement for its citizens, and it only allows them to leave the house for the necessary purposes.

As for the new decision, which came into effect on Wednesday, women are allowed out of their homes to purchase necessities on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday, while men were granted on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to spend their important purposes.

On Sunday, everyone will have to “stay in their homes,” government officials said, adding that these restrictions will last at least 15 days.

The new measure aims to put more restrictions on street communication, so that the two sexes will never meet for at least two weeks.

“The large number of people who ignore the restrictions of home quarantine have pushed the government to take tougher measures,” said a statement by Panamanian President Laurentino Cortezo.

According to health officials, Panama has recorded 1075 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 27 deaths.

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