A Syrian artist affected a long time .. The sexual war rages between Abu Talal Al Hamrani and Saleh Al Jasmi


The war of sexual leaks between the Saudi journalist close to the security services, Abu Talal Al-Hamrani, and the Emirati journalist close to the Sheikhs of Abu Dhabi, Saleh Al Jasmi, which affected a Syrian artist, caught fire.

The war of sexual statements began after Abu Talal Al-Hamrani, his opponent, Saleh Al Jasmi, was accused of being involved in a crazy party in Morocco accompanied by a singer and 32 Moroccan girls, in addition to raping a minor girl married to Morocco.

Al-Hamrani stated that Al-Jasmi caused the divorce of the minor girl who headed to the vice road, and not only that, but he married an elderly woman in order to use her money, which he later separated from, after her daughter was molested for 7 years.

The Saudi security journalist added: “Celebrities involved in the hashish cases in Dubai have been arrested, including the artist (Maysa Maghribi) and Saleh Al Jasmi,” which angered the Emirati journalist who defended the artist.

Al-Hamrani revealed that among the figures involved in the “Diller Apartment” that was arrested with girls in Dubai early this week, a Syrian artist lives in Saudi Arabia and others.

A few days ago, “Alhamrani” confirmed that the UAE authorities arrested the famous young woman at the Instagram “Shouq Muhammad” website, accompanied by the famous Saudi YouTuber.

The UAE authorities said: “(Shawq Muhammad) was accompanied by the famous Saudi (Diller) in an apartment in central Dubai, and Dailer and Shawq Muhammad were very drunk and drinking cannabis when the authorities raided the apartment they were in.”

According to “Al Hamrani”, “Shawq Muhammad” is famous on social media with this name, originally carrying the Syrian nationality and her name is Dina Sahr Al-Nazzal, and she combined it with “Diller” a relationship of love and affection, although he is homosexual.

Although “Shawq Muhammad” appeared in a video on Instagram and spread to YouTube as she kissed her friend Maya from the lips, which made her famous on social media, it may be lesbian, according to “Alhamrani”.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian “Shouq” and the Saudi “Diller”, although the latter are abnormal, and had already been investigated with “Shouq”, a fashionista famous on the communication sites by the Saudi security authorities.


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