A suspicious relationship between drug money and the name of the new Barcelona stadium


The Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported that the first person to support the idea of ​​adding a trademark to the name of the Camp Nou stadium is billionaire Alki David, a Nigerian-born and a large investor in the UK.

David was particularly famous for his connection to boxing star Mike Tyson and their cooperation in the cannabis trade, and he was arrested a year ago in the Caribbean islands after discovering 5,000 marijuana plants on his private plane, and the value was estimated at one and a half million euros.

David now aspires to add the name of one of his companies, “Swissex”, to the name of the famous “Barca” stadium, and he said in statements carried by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”: “It is a historic opportunity and in line with my plans. We had initial contact with the club and I am sure to reach Close agreement, I think the name (Camp No Swiss) sounds good. “


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