A surprise about a drug for Corona … patients recovering in less than a week


Al Arabiya reported that American media was busy reporting on patients in a Chicago hospital who responded remarkably to experimental Remdesivir treatment, and they went out less than a week later, after the aforementioned drug had reduced their fever and acute respiratory symptoms.

In detail, partial data showed encouraging signs after experiments with a US drug experimental drug on patients with severe cases of Covid-19, the disease caused by the emerging coronavirus.The State Medical News website “STAT” said that a University of Chicago hospital involved in a study of REMDVIVER, a fluorescent drug, said it had detected a rapid recovery from fever and respiratory symptoms, with almost all patients leaving the hospital in less than a week.

He also mentioned that the U Chicago Medicine Hospital recruited 113 volunteers with acute epidemics in order to take part in this experiment, adding that most of the participants left the hospital, while only two patients died.In addition, an analysis of the New England Journal of Medicine last week showed that two-thirds of a small group of patients with acute cases of Covid-19 experienced an improvement in their condition after being treated with a remisevir drug.

“It is too early to draw conclusions!”
While the manufacturer of the drug confirmed in a statement sent by e-mail that “the inclusion of the data needs to be analyzed in order to extract any results from the experiment.”

In turn, U Chicago Medicine Hospital also clarified in an email, according to Reuters, that “partial data from an ongoing clinical trial are essentially incomplete and should not be used to draw conclusions.”

While the university said that information from an internal forum for researchers related to this ongoing experimental work was published without official authorization.

Results from the third phase of the study are expected to be issued to patients with severe cases of Covid-19 at the end of the month, and additional data will be available from other studies in May.

It is noteworthy that as of yet there is no approved drug for Covid-19, which is a highly contagious disease caused by the emerging coronavirus, which has infected more than two million people worldwide.


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