A study linking drugs for blood pressure patients with Corona … and clarifies the truth


Recent research has revealed that there is a possibility that drugs used to treat high blood pressure will interact with a virus Sk Coronary.

This research also indicated that diabetes and high blood pressure are among the most important factors that constitute the risk of complications resulting from infection with the emerging virus.

According to this new study, published by the American Journal of Hypertension.

A team of researchers predicted the interaction of pressure drugs called renin-angiotensin-aldosterone “system inhibitors” with the Covid-19 virus in a way that would increase its association with the lung.

A study linking drugs for blood pressure patients with Corona ... and clarifies the truth

One of the most common medications prescribed by doctors for people with high blood pressure is the blood pressure medications called system inhibitors, renin-angiotensin-aldosterone.

The researchers noted that these drugs increase the correlation of the Corona virus with the lung when infected, which makes the symptoms of the virus more powerful.

The newspaper also noted that there is another opinion of doctors who said that these drugs can contribute to reducing inflammation of the lungs, kidneys and heart.

Even those with this opinion suggest that it be used to treat people with the Covid-19 virus.

It is worth noting that this research concluded that high blood pressure per se does not affect corona infection.

It does not cause the severity of symptoms of the disease

And from it may have an impact or not, and this requires more scientific evidence to prove it.


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