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After months of spreading the global epidemic, leaving more than 100,000 victims, a research paper published by “ChemRxiv”, which is managed by the American Chemical Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry in Britain and the German Chemical Society, revealed that the emerging “Corona virus” does not directly attack the respiratory system Rather, they attack red blood cells. “
The website reported that the way the global epidemic attacks the body is completely different from what is prevalent or understood until today, indicating that this misunderstanding lies behind the rise in deaths worldwide.
In detail, the study indicated that “corona” does not directly affect the respiratory system, but rather attacks the red blood cells, in particular the “Beta 1” chain.
It is well known that red blood cells are cells that carry oxygen and transport it to the rest of the body’s entire cells. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, which in turn contains iron. The hemoglobin protein carries oxygen by attaching to it, and it pulls carbon dioxide out of the body and transports it to the lungs until it is expelled through the exhalation.
What the Corona virus does is attacking the beta-1 chain, specifically by withdrawing the hemoglobin protein, thereby reducing the metabolism of iron (Heme Metabolism) in cells, causing oxygen deficiency in the cell itself.
In turn, the lack of oxygen in the cell causes lung cell poisoning, which results in infections due to the inability to exchange harmful carbon dioxide and useful oxygen repeatedly, destroying cells and causing death.
According to the study, “chloroquine” could prevent the virus from attacking hemoglobin to a certain extent, and effectively alleviate the symptoms of shortness of breath.
“Chloroquine” was used more than half a century ago in the world to treat malaria and some other infectious diseases. It was relied on in 1914 as a drug that strengthens the human immune system so that it addresses diseases and epidemics and resists pain, fever, infections, and its side effects on patients are known. By doctors, where the World Health Organization and other medical non-governmental organizations, such as “Doctors Without Borders” have used it to treat malaria patients in many regions of the world.
China is among the first countries to test “chloroquine” to treat people infected with the “Corona” virus in early February.
However, all of the above are just discussions that have not been verified. According to the site, this study is an academic discussion paper only, and it must be confirmed by conducting more tests in more than one place.
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