A stimulus package for banks to face the repercussions of SK


The Central Bank of Kuwait revealed today, Thursday, a stimulus package for banks to address the consequences of the Corona virus.
The Governor of the Central Bank of Kuwait, Dr. Mohamed Al-Hashel, said in a press statement today, Thursday, that the instructions issued by the Central Bank of Kuwait to banks included reducing the liquidity standards applied to banks such as the criterion of liquidity coverage, the standard of net stable financing, and the ratio of regulatory liquidity, in addition to raising the maximum limits for gaps Cumulative liquidity system, raising the maximum available funding grants.He added that in order to provide more support to the SME sector, the credit risk weights of these projects portfolio were reduced from 75% to 25%, to calculate the capital adequacy ratio, to motivate the banking sector to provide more financing for this vital and important sector.

He stressed that the package of measures applied by the Central Bank of Kuwait aims to support vital economic sectors, projects with added value for the local economy, and those affected by individuals, small and medium enterprises and companies, and help them to overcome the current circumstances.


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