A spark call that appeals to the public daily in Ramadan with a new prayer


The Jordanian artist decidedSpark callTo allocate daily to the public during the holy month of Ramadan with a new supplication, which is the project that I worked on during the period of the house quarantine that you are currently taking to avoid the spreadCorona Virus.
She recorded these supplications from the stone of her house in Jordan over the phone, according to the available technical capabilities, and has prolonged today three:
The first supplication was entitled “I invite you, my lord,” and he says “I call upon you, my lord, urging, loving, breastfeeding, fearful, wicked, righteous, and recognizing that you will make this affliction near to us, a link, and a serenity to our hearts, and make us among your male servants.”
The second supplication is entitled “O needs judge,” and he says “Oh God, needs judge, answerer of prayers, forgive slips, forgive us, forgive us, release our worries, explain our hearts, fulfill our hopes and our happiest hearts in this world and the hereafter.”
And the third supplication is titled “O God, I ask you” and says “O God, I ask you, O high-ranking, O house of blessings, O my mind, the earths and the heavens, I ask you, O God, whoever fills you with the varieties of languages, they ask you for the needs, my need for you, do not skimp me in the abode of misfortune. From me and do not take me with my mercy with your mercy, have mercy. “


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