A shocking step … Ankara sends medical shipments to appease Israel


Source: Dubai_Arabia.net

The Turkish newspaper “Suzjo” said that there were unexpected developments in Relations between Ankara and Tel Aviv Which has seen tensions in the past years. Turkey has decided to send medical equipment and masks to Israel for humanitarian reasons, according to the newspaper.

With the Corona pandemic affecting more than 1.6 million people, the Turkish government wants to take advantage of that to bring about a rapprochement between Turkey and Israel. The US Bloomberg Agency confirmed that the Turkish government decided to send medical equipment to Israel. Includes sterile gags and gloves. A Turkish official said that indeed, “three planes came yesterday and took charge”.

While Israeli officials have not commented on this issue, ambiguity still prevails over whether this move will restore relations between the two countries, which are strategic partners in the past.

The Turkish official said that three planes landed at Incirlik Air Force Base coming from Israel to transport the cargo on Thursday.

Israel has confirmed approximately 9,000 cases of the virus, and more than 50 deaths.

The Ankara initiative comes after years of cold relations with Tel Aviv, after 10 Turkish civilians were killed by elements of an Israeli commando force.


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