A Saudi engineer reveals that she was “Corona” after wearing her friend’s ring – Site News – Follow-up


A Saudi researcher in the field of carbon management at the Saudi Aramco Company revealed the details of her infection with the emerging corona virus, which she lived for 20 days in the hospital.

And the engineer, Yasmine Al-Dosari, told Okaz newspaper that she suffered from the rumors that followed her while she was in the hospital quarantine after she was infected with the epidemic infection.

Al-Dosari said, “How can my friend’s ring infect me without the owner of the ring, and she described the symptoms she had and how much pain she had until the tests proved her plague.”

She added that the contacts that were reaching her caused her fear of hearing bad news that she held responsible for hitting a member of her family “Covid 19” through it.

She pointed out that the symptoms that appeared on her were no more than a slight cold, a change in sound and bouts of headaches, and that having a corona caused her to be able to taste food and sense of smell.




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