A nurse kills his medical girlfriend … against the backdrop of the Corona virus!


In a heinous crime carried out against the backdrop of the “Corona” epidemic, an Italian nurse tragically killed his medical girlfriend, after “a misconception” that she had transmitted the deadly infection to him.

“Sky News” quoted the British newspaper “Sun” that the 28-year-old nurse, Antonio de Pass, and his girlfriend, Lorena Quaranta, 27, were working together in a local hospital in Messina, southern Italy.

She added that the Italian police recently received a phone call from De Pace, during which he confessed to the murder of his beloved Quaranta, according to Italian media sources.

After the security forces examined the perpetrator’s apartment, she found the doctor’s body, while forensic specialists revealed that she had been asphyxiated.

After he killed his girlfriend, de Pace tried to commit suicide, but his life was saved in hospital.

The young nurse admitted to the public prosecutor the crime he had committed, saying: “I killed her because she transmitted the Corona virus to me.”


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