A note from Italy .. What is the relationship of obesity with serious corona injuries?


From inside the corridors of the San Bernardino Hospital in the Italian capital, Rome, a veteran doctor said, on Tuesday, that he noticed something remarkable between infected and Corona virus victims.

Doctor Fouad Odeh, the head of the Medical Syndicate of Foreigners in Italy, noted that he noticed the high level of obesity, among most of the serious cases of people with corona.

Odeh told Sky News Arabia: “By dissecting the bodies of those who died due to corona, we discovered that many of them were obese, and they had a high percentage of fat cells.”

Odeh, who is also the president of the European Middle East Medical Association, added: “Fat cells help the spread and control of the Corona virus on the human body, forming COFED-19.”

Odeh, who works daily in Rome hospitals with those infected with the Corona virus, indicated that the percentage of obesity among those who died due to the Corona virus reached 65 percent.

Odeh said: “Most of the people who died of high weight … Viruskuruna finds more space to spread between the fat cells, but its spread is not easy in the muscles, bone and nerve.”

The World Obesity Organization indicated that people with COFED-19, as well as those who suffer from obesity, are more difficult cases than others.

The organization said that the obese patient poses a greater challenge to health care centers than the average person, because the process of providing him with a respirator is more difficult than a physically healthy person.

The organization also said that obesity may be difficult to perform imaging analyzes, because of the X-ray devices that do not bear the extra weight.

The organization also pointed out that other obstructions of excess weight, such as the difficulty of moving and moving the patient, may expose him to a greater risk of infection with the virus than others.

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