A new date for the resumption of the English Premier League


A new date for the resumption of the English Premier League

The Premier League is looking forward to a resumption of the suspended season since mid-March due to an outbreak of the Coronavirus, on June 8, to its end on July 27.

British newspaper “The Times” reported that football officials are in talks with the government about the date for the resumption of competitions in stadiums that are “approved”.

And 92 matches remain in the Premier League before being suspended on March 13 as Liverpool seems closer than ever before to crowning a champion of England for the first time in 30 years, away by 25 points from Manchester City II.

“The Times” reported that officials of the association presented last week a “project of appeal” to shareholders and partners.

According to this project, matches will be held behind closed doors against the fans, as a maximum of 400 people will be allowed on the field, including players, coaches, administrators and journalists, provided that the results of their tests with the Covid-19 virus are negative, and in certain stadiums to limit the depletion of the limited resources devoted to medical services.

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New measures will be taken in the stadiums to ensure a commitment to social distance and a safe distance while players will be asked to come alone to exercise in their sports clothes at home.

The officials also suggested that August 22 be the start of the 2022-2021 season.

In the event that the season cannot be ended, the financial and economic implications will be very severe for the clubs.

Some have reached an agreement with their players about helping them to bear the financial burden. Southampton, West Ham, Sheffield United and Watford players agreed to delay their pay date, while Arsenal players agreed to take 12.5% ​​of their annual salary.

Source: “AFP”


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