A muzzle for a girl with a pearl earring in Banksy’s mural – thought & art – last page


Yesterday, one of them modified the graffiti artist Banksy, displayed in Bristol, adding a concept that fits the spirit of the event sweeping the world.

The pictures taken for his mural, “The Girl with a Pearl Earring”, carried from the painting of Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer, showed the girl’s face and was covered by a blue muzzle similar to the one worn by the health staff in Britain.

It is not yet known who is responsible for putting the muzzle on the girl’s face in that mural that first appeared in 2014, and whether it was “Banksy” himself who made the adjustment to the drawing. Some social media users have reported that it may have been the work of an unidentified artist.

Banksy had recently shared some of his work during the home quarantine, the most recent of which, a series of pictures of a group of mice laying off in the bathroom of his house, he wrote: “My wife hates me working from home.”

It is known that he made his name in the public squares in London, Brighton and Bristol, and on the separation wall in the occupied Palestinian territories.



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