A Montpellier player treated silently from Corona!


French football club Montpellier announced that one of its players was hospitalized “two days ago” for reasons that have not been disclosed, while close sources and press reports said that he is being treated for the new Corona virus, which makes him the first first-class player to be infected with “Covid-19”.
The club was satisfied with noting that “due to problems in the digestive and respiratory systems, one of our players was hospitalized in Montpellier and treated two days ago in a specialized place to benefit from appropriate care”, without revealing additional details or the player’s name.But reports, including for the sports newspaper L’Equipe, indicated that the meaning was midfielder Junior Sampia (23 years), and that he had been receiving medical attention since the weekend.

France Football magazine stated that the player was initially admitted to a medical center on Monday, before being transferred to a specialized medical clinic “after his health condition decreased.”

French reports agreed that the player is infected with the virus.


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