A Kuwaiti doctor announces her discovery of a treatment for Corona virus, which will save all those infected with it!


A Kuwaiti doctor announces her discovery of a treatment for Corona virus, which will save all those infected with it!


Kuwaiti doctor Amal Al-Ansari has sparked widespread controversy by announcing the discovery of a treatment for the Corona virus, and her willingness to hand it over to the Kuwaiti Minister of Health, and claimed that this treatment will save all those infected with the new virus.

Al-Ansari criticized the underestimation of the importance of Arab researchers and attention only to scholars of China, Germany, the United States and others, stressing that its discovery will serve humankind in general and cure all infected people all over the world.

Social media activists have been videotaping Kuwaiti medicine, explaining her recent discovery.

Dr. Al-Ansari’s speech received thousands of comments from activists, whose views differed about what she gave between skeptics of the veracity of her words and others who expressed optimism and were convinced of her medical proposal.

Among the skeptics of the authenticity of Al-Ansari’s speech was surgeon Muhammad Jamal, who referred to his knowledge of Dr. Al-Ansari, denying that she had obtained the title of Doctor, where he said, “We looked at it 4 years ago .. She is not a doctor and she cannot have the equivalent of a testimony .. Those we and the state must protect and educate them … People look to the doctors and the Ministry of Health to save them from false information. “

Dr. Khaled Al-Janaei, consultant of internal medicine, put the speech of Dr. Al-Ansari in the circle of suspicion, saying: “Regardless of whether she is a doctor or someone else, in which laboratory did you isolate the virus for his study? And who of the patients tried the treatment for him? Where was the patent registered? And I was not satisfied with just a soundtrack that manipulated the feelings of some people! ”

It is strange that Al-Ansari, who is the president of the International Complementary Medicine Organization, stated that she “discovered the treatment by accident as a result of previous cancer research conducted over an eight-year period as she kept the non-cancer-related results sheets at the time.”

She explained in an interview with “Trend” on Twitter: “She collected previous papers and research and supported her with other research and studies of doctors, and the patent has become ready to treat and prevent this disease.”

She said: “The treatment is pills, not herbs, and the manufacture of this remedy will not take long because the patent is ready,” declaring that “it has handed over the patent to the medical committee it met on the order of the Minister of Health, and its research was discussed with the committee and will be delivered File to the minister soon. ”

A number of activists welcomed the speech of Dr. Al-Ansari and her quest for weeks to discover a cure for the disease, including activist Walid Al-Sahli, who described the doctor as “the pride of Kuwait.”

Source: Arab media


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