A Korean activist blows a surprise .. “The leader is hiding for this reason!”


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Over the past days filled North Korea leader The world, while more than one South Korean official confirmed that Kim Young-un is in good health, the leader has not appeared since April 10, after reports of his heart operation and his deteriorating health.

On Sunday evening, an official in the southern neighbor reaffirmed Kim’s safety, he said Chung In Moon“The North Korean leader is in good shape,” the Korean president’s foreign policy advisor said, adding, in an interview with the US “Fox News”, “I think the leader, Kim Young-un is alive and well.”

She also revealed that he had been “resident in the Wansan region since April 13, and no suspicious movements have been detected yet.”

On the other hand, a North Korean activist announced that Kim was “in hiding, for fear of catching Corona’s infection.”

Yonmei Park, a human rights activist and author of “For a Living, A North Korean Girl’s March Toward Freedom”, said in a series of tweets on her Twitter account Monday: “According to my sources, Kim is not dead and not even ill, but is hiding for fear of picking up novel coronavirus.”

“Despite his lie about the absence of any infection in the country, the epidemic is rampant,” she added.

To that, she said: “As his predecessor did, Kim lets his people die, and saves himself, he will come back and prove that we are wrong.”

She also pleaded with the media around the world not to give him that gift or joy in proving how wrong the media was, saying: “Wait and you will see!”

The first permit

It is reported that on Sunday, for the first time in about two weeks, it appeared, a statement attributed to Kim. As North Korea’s official radio reported in the morning, Kim Jong Un thanked Korean workers and employees for the first sign of his regular activities, according to the Russian news agency, Novosti.

However, the wording of the thank-you message sent by the Korean leader was not disclosed, according to the South Korean News Agency, “Renhab”.

Kim Jong Un (Reuters)
Kim Jong Un (Reuters)

In brief details, the official radio pointed out that Kim expressed his gratitude to the workers and employees who wholeheartedly helped to establish the city of Samsion.

The Central Transportation Commission also announced that the North Korean leader received on Thursday a congratulatory message from Communist Party Chairman Gennady Zyuganov on the occasion of Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia.

This came after several speculations were raised about Kim’s health following his absence from the ceremony marking the birthday of his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea on April 15.

Leader Train

China had sent a team to North Korea that includes health experts to advise on Kim’s health, three people familiar with the matter confirmed to Reuters two days ago, Saturday.

Kim's train
Kim’s train

Meanwhile, new reports early Sunday suggested that Kim’s train He was seen stopped at the commanding station in the beloved city of Winson, for the heart of the leader, on 21 and 23 April.

The (38 North) Center stated that “the presence of the train does not prove the North Korean leader’s whereabouts and does not indicate anything about his health, but it strengthens the reports that Kim is staying in an elite area on the east coast of the country.”


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