A hotel night in Vietnam … this is how Corona “Roosevelt” was hit by the sea


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

Corona, which has been broken until now, has infiltrated places where humans were unable to reach, such as ships at sea. Saturday, the US Navy announced that number HIV infections Among the crew of the nuclear carrier Theodore Roosevelt has risen to 103, totaling 550.

But how did the virus reach the ship whose captain Brett Cruiser was sacked after he requested, in a distress letter, to his superiors, and it was leaked to the media, to allow him to dock to evacuate the carrier from the sailors?

The American newspaper “New York Times” suggests that the sailors “Theodore Roosevelt” caught the virus when the famous aircraft carrier was anchored in Da Nang Port, Vietnam, on March 5, knowing that this is the second visit of an American aircraft carrier to that country since the end of the Vietnam War.

At the time, 16 cases of HIV were reported in Vietnam, all in the north of the country, far from Da Nang. However, then, the US Navy’s senior officer in the Pacific, Admiral David Davidson, ordered that the long-planned visit would continue as an important show of military power in the region, especially against Beijing.

At least one night

Because the docks of the Vietnamese port of Da Nang are so small that a ship the size of Roosevelt cannot dock, the ship settled outside the port and the crew used small boats to reach the shore.

The crew members posted photos on social media while they are in hotels in that city. One of the publications of the crew was: “I feel great Vietnam.”

On the fourth and final day in Da Nang, after dozens of sailors spent at least one night in a hotel where two Britons were infected with the virus, Roosevelt Commander ordered some of the crew to return to the ship for fear of injury, and those who stayed in were isolated. The hotel is spot on.

Brett Cruiser
Brett Cruiser

Roosevelt returned to the sea, according to the “New York Times”, and the sailors remained under medical observation. Because Covid 19 looks like a time bomb, at least 14 days need symptoms to start appearing. During those 14 days, planes flew in and out of the ship, bringing supplies from Japan and the Philippines.

Then the blatant announcement came through loudspeakers all over the ship at dawn on March 24, as the tanker sailed across the western Pacific Ocean.

Start outbreaks

Sailors knew that something had happened. Soon everyone knew that three of the sailors had tested positive for the virus. The outbreak began in the ship’s nuclear reactor division, where its crew was responsible for managing the ship’s core: nuclear reactors.

The three were transported from the ship to a naval hospital in Guam, an island in the western Pacific Ocean, and US land located in the Mariana Islands group, which has a vital marine and air base for Washington in the Pacific.

Two days later, on March 26, Roosevelt docked in Guam, and Coved 19 began testing for all crew members who recorded injuries among 550 of them as of Saturday.

Roosevelt is among the 4 US Navy ships struck by the Corona pandemic, along with Ronald Reagan, Carl Vinson, and Nimets.


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