A hit for Firefox .. Microsoft Edge is the second largest internet browser in the world


There was a joke that the only reason people use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge is to download other browsers.

This may be partially true, but if the latest numbers are to be believed, Microsoft will return to the browser space, according to numbers released by NetMarketShare via Bleeping Computers, Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular internet browser in the world.

Mozilla Firefox ranked third with 7.59% market share, there is also Microsoft Browser – Internet Explorer 11 – 5.60% market share, and Apple Safari

3.62% market share.

Google Chrome remains the number one internet browser with an immense market share of 68.50%. These numbers For March 2020, Opera, Yandex, and UC were some of the other internet browsers in the top 10.

For Microsoft, Edge recently became a Chromium-based browser with which it got a lot of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store, while it is not like Google Chrome but it has seen an improvement in

Performance and is compatible with more devices.

Add to that the fact that Microsoft Windows 10 is now installed on a billion devices, Edge saw an increase in its numbers, last year in March, Mozilla Firefox had approximately 9.2% of the market share, while Microsoft Edge had 5.2%.

Firefox loss is clearly a win for Microsoft, Mozilla calls Firefox the most secure browser by providing privacy and transparency.

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on all Windows devices, compared to Google and Chrome, Microsoft is still very far away, but it surely beat Mozilla Firefox to become the second most used internet browser in the world.


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