A group of easy tricks to speed up the phone “Android”


A large number of users are currently using their smartphones to finish a large number of their jobs, after having to stay at home, as a precautionary measure to the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic that causes the “Coffed 19” disease.

However, users face a problem that their phones start on after a period of signs of slow progress and a noticeable decline in performance. Therefore, the Times News Now presented a set of easy steps and tricks through which to accelerate any smartphone running the Android operating system.

These steps were as follows:

1- Reduced use of moving backgrounds: These mobile backgrounds consume RAM, without achieving any benefit for the phone and its user.

2- Close or delete unused applications: Be decisive and any application that you have not used for a long time, delete or permanently close it, so that it does not consume phone data and reduces the amount of RAM available to you.

3- Block background apps: The worst thing about “Android” is that there are some applications that can remain running in the background and consume random access memory and battery without knowing, make sure to close all those applications before beginning any of your work.

4- Disabling animation: Any animation in the user interface is malfunctioned, as it steals you “Ram” unnecessarily.

5- Lite applications: Always make sure to use any “light” version (light) available for any application that you are keen to use continuously like Facebook or Google and other applications, because this will ensure you a great speed for the phone and implement what you want through the new application .

6- Regular updates: Keep the Android operating system and applications regularly updated because old versions of the applications or operating system are significantly slower.

Source: Sputnik


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