A fatal mistake in Prince embarrassing Mohamed Ramadan


Tell me – the audience spotted a directorial mistake in the first episodes of the “Prince” series of the Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan.

Ramadan, who embodies Radwan El-Prince’s character, appeared in the scene while he was in his father’s auto-plumbing workshop, receiving a car from a customer to repair it.

The car that Muhammad Ramadan received was of the type “Hyundai Accent”, and its owner fell into a traffic accident, which led to the destruction of parts of it, but the car changed its quality completely when the owner returned to receive it after repairing it and the car appears in the next scene at the time of receipt, which is of the type of “Hyundai Elantra “.

The public circulated two photos at the time of receiving the car, and at the time of its return, and one of them commented sarcastically: “O God, bless the Prophet, Radwan Al-Prince Al-Samkari.

Another mocked, saying: “And the Prophet, Isti Radwan, I have a Geeta, so I want you to flip my passions with your hands, which will be destroyed in this silk.”

“Prince” series revolves within the framework of social drama through the Prince family, and Mohamed Ramadan embodies the role of “Radwan El Prince”, and “Samakria” works in his father’s workshop, which is performed by the Egyptian artist Abdulaziz Makhyoun, until he finds himself responsible for his family after the death of his father.


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