A famous artist surprises everyone and announces her retirement from art forever


A famous artist surprised her followers on the social media site
“Instagram”, by declaring her retirement permanently.
Syrian actress, Jihan Abdel Azim, posted a photo of her via
Her account and she wrote on it: “I know many of you are waiting impatiently for my return, and I did not intend to
To convey to you news that disturbs you these days, but after a long reflection I made the decision to retire and it is
An individual decision comes from me. ”
And the famous Syrian actress continued: «I hope that you respect my life
Personality and let me live my family life in peace and security. I will never close my accounts, anyone who wants
My followers are following me on my channel that I have not been cut off from.
The artist’s latest announcement sparked controversy among her followers
And the Syrian public, asking her to announce the reason for retirement, while some encouraged her to take her
Calling her success in her life.

The last era of the Syrian artist, Jihan Abdel Azim in art, was through the series “Innocent Sinners”, which was shown during the Ramadan 2018 season, and was written by Abdul Majeed Al Anzi and Basil Khalil, and was directed by Ahmed Suwaidani.
It is mentioned that the Syrian artist Jihan Abdel Azim participated in the beginning of her artistic life, with paintings of folk dance, in the “Syrian Song Festival”, and her start in acting started in 1993, through the series “The Roots do not die” and then she continued her artwork after that, and presented many of Roles and characters, including one of her most important roles in the series “Soft Spines” by Rasha Sharbatji.


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