A “fake” match by Moroccan Wydad to tackle the Corona virus




Moroccan club Wydad Casablanca announced that it has offered 60,000 tickets for a virtual (fake) match aimed at raising funds to tackle the new Corona virus.

Wydad wrote on his Twitter account: “As part of his contribution to national efforts to limit the spread and effects of the Corona pandemic (Covid 19), Wydad Sports Club will offer tickets for a match against this virus, as an embodiment of the involvement of all components of the club in this confrontation.”

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He added: “If this match was hypothetical, its impact on the ground will be felt through monitoring the proceeds from ticket sales to contribute to the special fund to face the Corona pandemic.”

And the Moroccan club concluded by saying: “This has been determined by the Wydad Sports Club, the price of the ticket at 30 dirhams, and 60 thousand tickets will be offered on the site devoted to this process during the coming days, with identification of appropriate performance methods and safety instructions in progress.”

And the Moroccan Ministry of Health announced that it recorded 11 new deaths from the new Corona virus today, bringing the total number of deaths to 80 cases.

Source: Facebook WACofficiel


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