A controversial comment from Hulk Hogan on Corona: “Punishment from God”


The global wrestler, Hulk Hogan, caused an uproar with his first comment on the Corona virus crisis that swept the world.Hogan, 66, published a photo of him on his Instagram account, in which he appears to be praying to God, and commented: “Can you bear the truth brother, God punishes us by taking everything we love in just three months.”

Wwe wrestler continued his post: “As if God had said you want to worship athletes, I will close stadiums, you want to worship musicians, I will close civil centers. You want to worship actors, I will close theaters, you want to worship money, I will close the economy and the stock market will collapse, you don’t want to go to church and worship me I won’t be able to go to church. “

Hogan added: “To God warn us as if he wants from His servants who are called in His name, they will humble, pray and seek His face and turn away from their evil ways. I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and I will heal their land.”

Hogan concluded: “We did not need a vaccine against the virus, as medical experts and scientists are working to develop the best way to combat the coronavirus, but we may not need a vaccine, but we need this time of isolation and stop distracting the world’s attention and sitting with the soul where we focus on The only thing in the world is the worship of God. ”

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