A competition between Mahmoud Al-Shami and Jamal Allam for the position of deputy in the mountain elections


The duo Mahmoud Al-Shami, a member of the former Football Association, and Jamal Allam, former President of the Football Association, intends to contest the upcoming elections for the position of Vice President, after the new list included that the deputy be elected by the General Assembly and not by voting among the members of the Football Association.

The five-year committee of the Football Association has decided to open the door for nomination for the upcoming mountain elections in the middle of next July, as the candidates will present their papers to the five-year committee for a week, provided that the committee examines the submitted papers.

It is scheduled to hold the next mountain elections, on August 30, if the FIFA approves the deadline set by the quinquennial committee.

The Five-Year Committee decided to manage Football Association, Excluding 3 new clubs from the new General Assembly of the mountain, which will have the right to vote in the upcoming elections, namely the clubs of Shebin and Ghazl al-Mahalla and Guinness, so that the number of members of the General Assembly becomes 95 clubs, due to the lack of alignment of these clubs according to the new sport law.

The 95 clubs are Al-Ahly, Zamalek, Ismaili, Al-Mokawweloon, Vanguard of the Army, Wadi Degla, Enppi, Victory, Interior, Railway, Maadi and Yacht, Almaza, National Club, FC Egypt, Stars, Media, Ceramica Cleopatra, Arsenal , Al Ahly Bank, Sharkia smoke, October 6.

In addition to the Alexandrian Federation, Smouha, Border Guard, Olympic, Varco, Abu Qir Fertilizers, Sporting, Trams, Nahr Al-Amereya, Al-Rajaa, Hammam, Al-Jazira, Al-Hurriya, Matrouh Club, Bella, Kafr El-Sheikh, Al-Hamoul, Baltim, Mansoura, Dikirnis, Beni Obaid, Nabarouh, Sherbin, Al-Sinbillawain Club, Al-Matareya Dakahlia, Workers of Mansoura, Shebin Republic, Arab Al-Raml, Damanhour, Military Production, Bahtim, Al-Obour, Tanta, Al-Mahallah Municipality, Finance, Kafr Al-Zayat, Coca-Cola, Hunting Al-Mahalla, Osmathon, Ismaili, Al-Qanah, Manshiet El-Shuhada, the Suez national team, Petrojet, Porto, Nuba, Al-Masry, Mars, Port Fouad, Al-Zarqa Club, Al-Sharr Club Aya, Sinai Star, Clearing Club, Fayoum Club, Sohag Club, Tahta Club, Maragha Club, Shabab Maragha Club, Pyramids Club, Benisuef Club, Beni Suef Telephones, Al-Wasti Club, Dayrut, Assiut, Assiut Cement, Qusiya Club, Aluminum, Qena, Shaban Qena, Medina, El Gouna, Ras Ghareb workers, Minya, Nasser Al-Fekria, Aswan, Kima Aswan.


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