A collection of easy tricks to speed up the Android phone


06/04 08:49

However, users are having trouble getting their phones started after a while showing signs of slow performance and noticeable decline in performance.

Therefore he presented Location “Times News Now” is a set of easy steps and tricks that can speed up any smartphone running “https://t.co/IzXUBTzxgD pic.twitter.com/mBpNVzs4PM

These steps were as follows:

1- Reduce the use of moving backgrounds:

These animated backgrounds consume RAM without achieving any benefit for the phone and its user.

2- Close or delete unused applications

Be decisive and any Implementation You haven’t used it for a long time, delete it or permanently close it, so it does not consume phone data and reduces the amount of RAM available to you.

The worst thing about “Android” is that there are some applications that can remain running in the background and consume RAM and the battery without knowing, be sure to close all these applications before starting any of your work.

Malfunctions any animation in the user interface, it steals you “Ram” unnecessarily.


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