A broad campaign in Saudi Arabia for “# Cancel_Follow_Ula_Fares” due to an exciting tweet … What is Trump’s relationship?


Saudi activists and bloggers launched a sweeping campaign for “#Follow_Follow_Follow_Al_Fares”, following a tweet I wrote that sparked widespread controversy on Twitter.

The media of the Qatari channel, Al-Jazeera, laughed in a tweet on Twitter for the sharp drop in US oil prices.

Ola Al-Faris, in her tweet, said: “In a dollar! … The salt of the beloved is gone,” which some considered offensive and ridicule from the oil-exporting countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

The Al-Faris tweet ignited the anger of what became known as the Saudi “electronic flies”, and the hashtag “#Cancel_Follow_Of_Al_Faris” issued a “Twitter” site in Saudi Arabia, and attacked the Jordanian media because of what they considered an insult to their country.

And one of the tweeters said: “If Saudi Arabia cuts aid to Jordan, Amman will not last for one month … but the despair that is going on in your veins will only abate if its mold comes out.”

For her part, “Ola Al-Faris” commented on the media campaign against her in another tweet, saying: Ajeeb! I check out Twitter, I was amazed at the responses under this tweet. We talk about West Texas futures / Trump / I don’t understand why some tweeters change everything as if they are directed to them and they insult and insult and talk of course known to you .. This world is a space for respectable expression.

Nevertheless, the ban campaign continues in Saudi Arabia against Al-Jazeera media, Ola Fares.

The value of US crude oil futures contracts fell last Monday, in an unprecedented way, bringing the price of a barrel down to a negative of $ 37, the lowest level since the beginning of the sale of futures contracts (contracts obligating the sale of a specific product at a specific date at specific prices) in 1983, which added to the hassle The economic suffering of the United States in the era of Corona.

The Corona pandemic caused the demand for oil to drop very quickly, until the world began to run out of barrels storage sites, while Russia and Saudi Arabia flooded the world with excess oil supplies.

Since the separation of “MBC” channel by Jordanian broadcaster Ola Al-Fares, the Saudis considered it as their enemy, especially after joining the “Al-Jazeera” channel, in light of the differences and the existing Gulf crisis.

The channel “MBC” arrested Ola Al-Faris, on the orders of higher authorities in Saudi Arabia, after she said: “Trump did not choose the timing of declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in vain, tonight we condemn and tomorrow we sing Hala Thursday.”

Ola Al-Faris’ tweet found a wide Arab reaction at the time, and it was considered a soft criticism of the Saudi leadership, as Saudi Arabia would be satisfied with the decision to condemn, while the next day, the Saudis would sing the leave.


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