7 free alternative applications Skype app for Windows


Skype is one of the most popular and oldest video call apps, so it is possible that you have used it at least once, but there are many competitive alternatives that offer a wide range of features, and a high level of security as well.

Here are 7 free alternative applications for Skype in Windows:

1- Google Hangouts app:

Google Hangouts is a popular alternative to Skype as it provides most of the features that Skype provides, such as: text chat, voice or video calls, as well as the ability to make calls to regular or landline cell phones by recharging the balance.

If you have a lot of friends who are not using Apple devices, this application is a great option, but the application does not have an official version for use on Windows laptop or desktop computers, and you will need to install an extension in the Google Chrome browser.

2- LINE application:

LINE provides free video calls, voice calls and group text messages, and if you want to make your conversations more attractive, you can choose from thousands of animated stickers.

Line supports some media that Skype does not support where you can leave an audio message to someone for a later time, or send your location if necessary.

The app also supports many powerful features such as: (LINE TODAY) that allows you to get the latest news about current events, sports and entertainment, and (OpenChat), which is an online space where you can meet new friends who have your same interests, and share news and information with them Enjoyable.

3- Tox app:

The Tox application is an open source application and therefore the security is the most prominent feature of this application, and it contains an easy and simple user interface, and it has two versions: qTox provides all the features, and the uTOX version is designed for medium-sized Windows devices.

The app is free and does not display any ads, and allows text and voice conversations and video calls to be securely, in addition to the ability to share the screen, and share files without borders.

4- Viber app:

Viber provides all standard features such as: group chats, video calls and stickers, and allows you to transfer calls to your phone, and also supports a feature called (Communities) that allows you to communicate with others if you do not have any friends to message them.

In addition to the built-in games if you want to play with your friends, and to use the application in a laptop or desktop computer you must install the application in your phone first to synchronize your account.

5- Discord application:

Discord is suitable for game enthusiasts and is a powerful alternative to Skype especially if you have a group of people that you communicate with regularly, and the app allows you to join specific chat groups or communities or create your own community and invite your friends, to text chats, join voice calls, and make Video calls.

6- Jami:

Formerly known as Ring, Jami is a free and open source communication app, available for most versions of the Windows operating system, it contains no ads, it encrypts all communications, and it allows text, voice and video messaging.

7- ICQ application:

ICQ supports the feature of encrypting calls, chatting in groups, in addition to converting voice messages to text for verification later, and supports the ability to exchange files up to 4 GB.

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